We Offer...

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Raising

2-11 Months $25/Month
12-24 Months $30/Month
Dry Doe over 2 years $40/Month
Milk Doe over 2 years $50/Month

2-11 Months $25/Month
12-24 Months $30/Month
Breeding Stud over 2 years $40/Month

Kid Raising from Birth to 2 Months (Includes Kidding Process, Disbuding, Vaccinating, Tattooing, Deworming, Feeding Kids Milk etc) [Free Marketing with 100% to you])


We started raising Registered Nigerian Dwarf goats in 2011. We are also actively showing and milking our Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

We are also currently boarding others' Nigerian Dwarf Goats and if you are interested, we would be delighted to speak with you about this service.

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